1. Where can I monitor my investment progress?

Please log into your account. Your account is set to accumulate the entire interest, deposit, withdrawals – basically your account history is logged there.

2. When will I receive the 1-10% every month?

Returns are calculated at the end of every month, starting from the first month of investment.

3. How frequently are you updating my account activities?

All actions are automatically logged. However, in cases where there are discrepancies, please allow up to 7 working days for account reconciliation.

4. What if I forgot my account password?

Please click on the LOGIN button. At the SIGN IN page, click on the “Forgot Password”. We will send an email to reset your password to the email address you used at account registration.


1. What is the Minimum/Maximum amount allowed to deposit (fund)?

The minimum is USD100. There is no investment/deposit limit.

2. Is there a maximum period for my investment?

There is no maximum period or maturity for your investment. The longer and the more you invest, the higher the earnings over time.

3. Can I reinvest as many times as I wish to?


4. Do I get my investment principal back?


5. Where can I buy Deuscoin?

Logon to, sign up for an account or from any affiliates and online exchanges.


1. How can I withdraw funds from my account?

You can transfer Deuscoin to your external wallet or transfer to exchanger.

2. When can I request to withdraw (minimum withdraw) ?

After the first 30 days, you are allowed to withdraw up to 51% of the current account balance.

3. How long will the withdrawal process take place for Deuscoin to be in wallet?

Deuscoin transfer from SVD require 3 confirmations. This may take a few minutes or up to few hours.

4. Is there a withdrawal fee?

There is no withdrawal fees imposed to withdraw your Deuscoin.


1. Do you have an affiliate (referrals) program ?


2. Can I earn referrals commission without being an active member ?

Yes. But you need to register at to have a commissions account. Please email us the name of the network affiliate you worked with and the name of the prospect you closed.

3. Where can I find my referral URL ?

You have to be a registered member to have a referral URL.

5. How to become a Representative in my country / region?

You need to be introduced by an affiliate to the network to a Regional Representative. Please register an account and email us your request.

6. Can I promote your program using any kind of spam method ?

Proposed answer: We are planning to launch a network blasting module for representatives. We will update representatives when the time comes.


1. What is SVD?

SVD stands for Supply vs Demand. We are a platform specialising in cryptocurrency marketing and sales with a large network of affiliates across several countries in Asia.

2. How does SVD work?

We connect product(s) to the affiliate who will subsequently spread the word to a large number of audience. It’s fast and efficient.

3. What is Deuscoin?

Deuscoin is a daily ICO-distributed cryptocurrency that’s built on open-source software based on proven cryptocurrency models such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

4. Is Deuscoin a product of SVD?

No. Deuscoin has its own development team.

5. Are you protected against DDoS attack?


6. How can I become a member ?

Logon to Sign up an account. Start investing.

7. Can I have more than one account with you ?

A user is allowed only one account at a time.

8. What does the platform strive to deliver ?

As a platform, our focus is on finding exciting cryptocurrency products and educating our installed base of audience and users.

9. Are there any hidden fees ?

All fees will be advised on consultation.

10. Do you offer telephone support ?

Yes, via Telegram chat app.

11. Where can I see / enter feedbacks about your company performance ?

If you have an account, you can see a live market movement of Deuscoin.

12. In case of technical problem or other questions, how can I contact you ?

Please contact SVD support at the link below.


Telegram ID

Please send your enquiry to this Telegram ID: @svdsupport


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